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Adam and Eve, God and Satan

Adam’s children were to inherit the Earth. Seth’s bloodline (God’s seed) must be wiped out in order for Cain’s bloodline (serpent seed) to inherit the Earth. 975 BCE The Temple of Solomon - King Solomon built a temple and asked King Hiram of Tyre to send trained workers to build it.Hiram is presented as the chief architect of King Solomon's Temple. He is murdered inside this Temple by three ruffians, after they failed to obtain from him the Master Masons' secret passwords. The themes of the allegory are the importance of fidelity, and the certainty of death. Freemason’s adopted the story of the building of Solomon’s Temple and use it in their rituals. In the 3rd degree, they pretend to kill the initiate (Like Hiram Abiff was killed) and then mourn them, and raise them back from the dead as if they are GOD. Freemasons believe that the Great Architect of the Universe (Lucifer) created the plans of Solomon’s temple. It is important to know that later King Solomon went astray from God and started worshipping Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Zidonians who was also Astarte of the Phoenicians, Chemosh the god of the Moabites, and Milcom the god of the children of Ammon. Astarte later became the Aphrodite of the Greeks, who was represented with horns life the Half-moon (crescent). (King’s Solomons Mines, H. Rider Haggard)

842 BCE

Jezebel was the daughter of Ithobaal I of Tyre and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel, according to the Book of Kings of the Hebrew Bible (1 Kings 16:31). According to the biblical narrative, Jezebel, along with her husband, instituted the worship of Baal and Asherah on a national scale. In addition, she violently purged the prophets of Yahweh from Israel, damaging the reputation of the Omride dynasty.[5][6][7][8] For these offenses, the Omride dynasty was annihilated, with Jezebel herself suffering death by defenestration. Later, in the Book of Revelation, Jezebel is symbolically associated with false prophets.[9]

6th BCE

Pythagorean Brotherhood was created in Crotona, Italy. Pythagoras settled there after traveling the ancient world and gaining wisdom. He was a mystic. He taught geometry , vegetarianism and reincarnation. Members joined voluntarily and took oaths of secrecy and obedience to the organization. There were ranks that they rose up through and they learned more and more mysticism and knowledge of evil as they continued in ranks. The Pythagoreans created a pattern for all other secret societies. The majority of this brotherhood were wealthy upper class. In 500 BCE, there was a riot to stop these Pythagoreans. They were barricaded inside the Crotona headquarters and died when the rioters burned the building to the ground. Pythagoras escaped to metapontum. Other survivors continued on with the teachings and idea of a secret, oath-bound organization.

1st Century BCE